About Chicago Financial Search

With our headquarters located in Chicago, we recruit for positions in every financial district across the U.S., European, and Asian markets.  Our database of only the best candidates in the financial market industry, a team of recruiters who have worked in the trading industry, and a referral system that’s hard to beat, sets us apart from the competition.  We run our candidates through a thorough interviewing and screening process and get the most information for our clients.  We do all the work and help cut down on wasted time.  We recruit every type of position in the trading industry from C level to administrative; information Technology (IT), Accounting, Compliance, Clearing/Back Office, Prop Traders, Institutional Brokers, Office Staff, Quants, Bitcoin, etc.  Our targeted recruiting practices save you time and money by getting what you are looking for when you need it!

Let the pros at CFS assist you with your career or staffing needs.


Below you will find a listing of Frequently Asked Questions about Chicago Financial Search and our recruiting process. If you don’t see answers to your question below, please contact our office today and a friendly member of our staff will be happy to assist you.  Phone: 312.207.0400

Frequently Asked Questions

Why use a recruiter?

Expertise, nobody knows the financial employment marketplace better than the staff at Chicago Financial Search.

Are all jobs local, or do you search nationwide?

Chicago Financial Search has job opportunities nationwide.

What type of positions does CFS specialize in?

Chicago Financial Search specializes in the financial services industry. We have a range of positions in the financial services industry including but not limited to: Accounting, Auditing, Analysts, Controller, Back Office, Banking, Compliance, Operations, Risk, Product Management, Client Services, Sales, Analytical, Quantitative, Fixed Income, Equity, Relationship Management, Traders, Exchange Traded Products (ETP’s), Brokers, Asset Managers, Hedge Funds, Consultant, Derivatives, Sales Support, Futures, FX, OTC, FCM, Securities, Software Engineers, Technical Support, Quality Assurance, CEO’s, Database Administrators, System Administration and Developers.

What happens once I apply online?

Once you apply our recruiters will review your resume. If your skills and background match with our clients’ current needs, you will be contacted by one of CFS’s recruiters to further discuss your qualifications and skills.

I applied for a position listed with Chicago Financial Search and I have not been called back. Why?

If you are qualified for the role you applied to and have not heard from us, please follow up with us via email or by phone. However, if your skills and background do not fit what our client is looking for, there is a possibility that we will not be able to respond to your inquiry.

In what format should I submit my resume to you?

Please send either a Microsoft Word Document or a PDF file. Please make sure that your document is NOT password protected.

How can I get on your email list to receive job alerts and updates?

It’s easy! Just click the link below. You will be taken to our sign-up page where you enter your name and email address. Once you sign-up, you’ll start receiving messages!

Why do I keep getting emailed jobs that do not fit my background?

This happens because we search our database using key words. That specific keyword may be in your resume even though you are not a fit. We do try to only email you openings that are a match, though it is possible you will also receive additional openings.